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Coffee is popular all around the world. People drink it in different ways — in some countries it’s preferred very strong, in others various spices are added. But there are some things that all coffee lovers have in common. We at Bright Side put together this selection of illustrations that we think anyone who loves this aromatic drink will understand immediately.

We all know that resisting that smell is pretty much impossible.

Sometimes we just can’t function without our morning cup of coffee.

We know that finding the right kind of coffee is a very serious matter.

Our love for our favorite beverage sometimes makes things difficult.

We’d rather spend money on a coffee machine than a TV.

We hear the same things from others all the time.

Our homes are full of random coffee-related objects.

Sometimes we talk about it a little too much.

We can’t imagine writing reports or studying for exams without our favorite beverage.

Sometimes we think we love coffee just a little too much.

We’re completely loyal to our coffee-drinking habits.

Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich exclusively for Bright Side